Friday, January 24, 2014

Spice Up Relations

Evidence points to the many health benefits of an active sex life. When a couple has a desire discrepancy for sex, it can create a great deal of stress, and for some who don't ask for help in dealing with the problem, it can even result in a breakdown of the relationship. One partner may reach breaking point, start looking elsewhere, or begin pressuring their partner for a change. Ultimatums escalate distress levels and make it even more likely that the pair will split.

Trying to create a sexy relationship once it has gone stagnant takes a gradual shift and both partners need to feel comfortable each step of the way. We might not find ourselves alone with our partner as often as we would like. Exhaustion, stress, hormonal fluctuations and less than optimal health can all leave you feeling less than your sexiest, which can adversely affect your sex life. Perhaps you find yourself saying “not tonight babe” more often than you’d like.

Since a healthy sex life is stress diminishing and a great way to connect with your partner, sex itself, is not something that you want to forfeit. The yogis would say not to overdo it, but finding a good balance is the key. If you’ve been turning your partner down a little more in the bedroom that you’d like, perhaps it’s time for some natural spices to Spice Up your Sex Life!